< Railroad Steam Engine - St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway - Jackson, Missouri

St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway

"I'm TIED to the St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway"

Engine #5 - Iron Mountain Railway

No, we're not Snidely Whiplash tieing Nell Fenwick to the tracks - that's just crazy dangerous. But...

You could be our hero, Dudley Do-Right, and help us with our railroad tie replacement program.

spaceYou can purchase your very own railroad tie for $20.00, which will be put into service on our line.

You will also receive a certificate showing where on the line your tie is and that you are "Tied" to the railway.

Our goal is to raise enough money to replace all the ties that are worn.

Please email us at slimrr1@gmail.com or call 573-243-1688 for more details.


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Tie goal




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